About us




Woodlikes Design  is an Interior design, furniture, upholstery, lighting and accessories bespoke company created by Julien Bonzom; an award winning French designer passionate about bringing the elegance of different materials into a unique vision of furniture and design.

Julien’s passion for furniture and design comes from his early years of childhood, when he used to spend time at his father’s workshop working with wood and metal. But it was in the “Institute des Compagnons du tour de France”, a world-renowned programme, where he learned the old techniques of wood craftsmanship under the watchful eye of his Master teacher. Following his graduation with honors in 2008, Julien has been applying his skills into designing and making furniture from a variety of materials, thus bringing almost a decade of experience into his work. Julien’s inspiration for design has been influenced by the architecture and culture of distinct regions of France as well as from his travels across Europe and Asia among other parts of the world.

Julien takes care and pride in personally sourcing and selecting the best materials, before he skillfully handcrafts them into unique furniture pieces that are durable, functional and artistic. 

Woodlikes is a company that values personality, identity and uniqueness. As such it offers its clients the opportunity to create their own personalised pieces of bespoke furniture, lighting and home interior design. Whether it is wood, metal, marble, glass, fabric or leather, or all of the above, you will rest assured that Woodlikes will deliver your vision created with finesse and quality. 

The company is based in London, England.