Watch Winders & Luxury safe

With our expertise and wide variety of materials and finishes, Woodlikes design offers its clients the opportunity to create their own bespoke watch winders. And why not keep your watches fully wound and safe with our bespoke watch winder safes. Get in contact for more information and a quote. Watch winders are devices used to keep automatic or kinectic watches running when not worn. Because automatic watches operate on the principle that whilst they are worn, a moving weight inside the watch swings or rotates to turn the winding mechanism inside the watch, when they are not worn, the watch will no longer receive power in this way and will run down instead. Although virtually all automatic watches can be manually wound, this is not always convenient. And this is where watch winders enter the stage.

Watch winders are devices that hold a watch and move it in rotational patterns to simulate the human motion needed to operate the self-winding mechanism, when the watch is otherwise not worn. A winder cannot over wind an automatic watch, since all automatic watches are protected from being over wound by a mechanism that disengages the winding process when the mainspring is fully wound. But using a timer-based winder is still very important to prevent excessive wear on the winding mechanism. Usually, only 30 minutes of motion is enough to keep a watch properly wound.